Friday, October 30, 2015


First of all, I MUST start out today's blog with these 3 crazy women who appear to have traveled to Houston with ONLY costumes in their suitcases!  So, I fondly remember Dr. Seuss and his magnificent rhyming lyrical books...but for whatever reason,  I don't recall reading "1 DRUNK,  2 DRUNKS, 3 DRUNKS".  When I visited with this outrageous trio, they commented, "You haven't seen anything.  Just wait until TOMORROW'S costumes!  I can't wait, Ladies.  I can't  wait!!!

And then, there was the reunion with my 3 SULKY SISTERS.  I spend many days a year with each of these women and we become much like "family" as we travel around the country together.  Every single National Educator for Sulky absolutely LOVES their job and we all consider it a true privilege that we have the opportunity to represent Sulky at shows across the country.  You can't fake these smiles.  From left to right, (Diane, Nancy, Lee and Suzy).  By the way, their vests are some of their Round Robin challenges that the three of them participate in every year.  As I said, we have a WHOLE LOT OF FUN together!!!

The highlight of my day...beyond the above forementioned pictures, was my all day class with Pam Holland from Australia.  I have admired her children's book illustrations and this was the one class I was most excited about taking.  And it was EVERYTHING I hoped it to be and then some!  Her "Amazing Alphabet" class taught us how to work with a variety of pens, markers and pencils and then use our sewing machine for the "ink work".  Every single student in class walked out with a good looking project and I can't wait to get home and make more of these.  FUN!  FUN!  FUN!!!
Here's her sample of the letter "A" with "ATTITUDE".

And then I had 2 hours left to hit the convention sales snap up those hard to find items that you ONLY find at shows like this.  Just about everything you can imagine that pertains to sewing and quilting is available for sale here.  Vendors come from all parts of the world to sell their wares and it's a whole lot of fun to shop the aisles.  The vendor floor space is the size of 8 football fields.  You'll find the latest and greatest sewing and quilting machines, fabrics, threads, irons, yarns, storage systems, rulers, supplies, paints, stencils, patterns, dressforms, embroidery cards, and so much more.  Get the picture?  You name,'s probably in one of the 26 aisles. 

My sister and I met back in our room at 7pm and then drug our sorry, tired feet to a nearby restaurant before crawling back to our hotel room, removing our shoes and getting ready for a good night's rest so we can do it all over again tomorrow!

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